So how does it work?

1: Initial assessment

Fill in a form giving the exam board and topics covered and we send out an initial assessment to begin the LearnCycle

2: Take a snap of it

Send us a scan of your paper - we can help you do this with any mobile device - and email it to us at Stylus HQ.

3: Teachers feed back

Qualified teachers mark the paper, and write notes that help you improve. After all, they teach the science content day after day, and many of them are exam markers in the summer too, so they know what you need to do to get the marks. 

4: Personalised resources posted

The marks are counted up automatically against the topics the questions covered, so our database can use the Stylus 'special sauce' to cook up a new paper just for you.

We also produce detailed reports on each paper you complete, and send an updated version of your Living Revision List.

You can choose to receive things in your inbox if you don't want to wait, but to take away the pain of printing, and ensure excellent quality papers, we send you your resources in the post.

That's LearnCycle

And that's it. Ongoing, targetted, teacher-driven revision. As often as you like, but only as frequent as you need.

Sign up today and get two weeks to try out the first assessment and get your revision report before you pay anything.

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