Stylus LearnCycle

Our founding product: deep-marked, bespoke exam papers tailored to each individual

The Stylus LearnCycle is built on the principle that teachers are irreplaceable, and truly actionable feedback cannot be automated. 

Stylus LearnCycle papers are bespoke to the students sitting them, covering curriculum content identified by their teacher or tutor in advance and mapped against exam criteria. Papers are then deep marked by our experienced teacher-marker team, and their feedback is used to generate our most in-depth form of revision report which students can use either independently or alongside a teacher to work through. 

We use the data from the first paper to generate the second, ensuring more time is spent on topics students find the toughest. So the more LearnCycles a student completes, the more bespoke their papers and the more targeted their learning.

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  • For individual students or small groups 

  • Bespoke papers for English, Maths and Science, tailored to each pupil's curriculum coverage

  • Papers sent as PDFs or, for a small additional charge, printed and posted direct to school / students

  • Externally marked with detailed feedback, including annotations on every page

  • Each student provided with a RAGed revision report, revision activities, and a detailed written summary 

  • Teachers provided with a detailed revision report for each student outlining strengths and suggested next steps

How does it work?

1: Initial assessment

Once you've identified your target group of students, we'll send you an initial paper for them to complete.

2: Scan it to us

Scan all your completed papers and send them to us at Stylus HQ for marking.

3: Teachers feed back

The papers will then be marked by our team of experienced teacher-markers - feedback is detailed and skill-focused to help students improve.

4: Personalised resources posted

The marks for each question will then be collated and analysed, and used to generate a RAGed revision list for each student. We can also provide targeted revision resources, detailed written comments and cohort-level analysis, depending on your requirements.

Resources will be emailed to you for students to complete either at home or in school. Meanwhile, we will use the data from the first paper to generate the next one - so the more cycles your students complete, the more bespoke the assessments.

That's LearnCycle

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And that's it. Ongoing, targetted, teacher-driven revision. As often as you like, but only as frequent as you need.

Drop us a line below with any questions!

The Stylus Education team