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The LearnCycle Method

Stylus Education offers a revolutionary way to prepare for GCSE exams: practice exam papers and personalised revision help made individually for every pupil and marked by hand by qualified teachers who help you improve where you need to the most!

Our technology learns from every question you complete, and each mark our teachers give you, so every paper we send out is different, and even more helpful to you than the last.


Every paper tests new areas, and revisits your weak spots. We call it the LearnCycle, and it's the best way to prepare for your English, maths and science GCSEs - all in just an hour a week!

Easy as that.

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Learning is a science, but it's also a messy process that every one of us experiences differently. That's why teachers are irreplaceable guides.

Like any journey, to plan a route you first need to know where you are right now - and that's where Stylus comes in. 

Put simply, we create bespoke paper assessments that tell students and their teachers exactly what they need to know to reach their end goal. Our technology learns from every completed question and every individual mark - so the more papers are completed, the more targeted they become. 


We call this the LearnCycle: it's been developed by experienced teachers, it's rooted in educational research, and it's underpinned by cutting-edge technology that helps pinpoint weak spots or knowledge gaps. Best of all, it means teachers are free to use every moment with their students to help them learn more, not to be weighed down by continual assessment or marking. 


You pick the destination, and let us prepare you to get there. 


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What schools say...


"Wish all our kids could do it"

David Hardwick


"Amazing system"

"The living revision list has allowed students to target their revision much more carefully. Do let me know when you launch this for A-Level as we would love to take part!"

"The feedback looks fabulous"

Harriet Hurdle

Teresa Hurst