What is it?

Revision is hard


Preparing for your GCSE exams is not easy...


It's hard to know what you already know, and what you still need to learn.

It's hard to know what's most important, and so what to work on next.

What's more, just looking over our notes doesn't help us remember - psychologists have proven it!

It's not the same to recognise something as you read it, as to recall it from memory.

So the only way to really know if we can answer exam questions is to test ourselves.

Practice is easy


Exams get a bad reputation. People hate exams because of what they mean afterwards. The dreaded grades.

But what if these tests didn't matter, and only helped us improve?

Some of the most successful students practice all the past exam papers they can find, and then use the mark scheme to see what they did wrong.

Then you just 'have a go' at the questions, and then get given the answers before trying again...


Practicing exam questions is easy!

What do I work on?


One of the biggest problems for any subject - especially one as content heavy as science - is knowing what is most important for you to work on.

Every minute of revision should count. But how do you know what to work on, and how do you know if it's working?

If only you always knew what to work on, and someone was keeping track of your progress...


If only you could see, week on week, how well you were progressing towards being able to use your knowledge in the exam...

Enter LearnCycle

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What if you didn't have to search through past papers looking for questions you don't know?


What if you didn't need to mark your own work, or to guess what the mark scheme means when it says ecf., or WTTE ?

What if the papers were written just for you?

And what if, every time you finish a paper you were given professional teacher tips on how to improve, and a detailed report on which areas are your strengths and weaknesses?

What if you could always know that the time you spend, is 'time best spent'?

Join Stylus Education today.

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