Stylus Diagnostic

Uncover your students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of specific curriculum strands with bespoke assessments and in-depth results analysis.

The Stylus Diagnostic offers tailor-made exam papers assessing students’ curriculum knowledge and skills, designed to tell you what content your students are secure in and what still needs revising - without any extra workload implication for teaching staff.


Papers are completed by hand, and scanned back to us for marking and analysis; we will then provide you with a detailed report on your cohort including how they performed against the assessment strands, and individual RAGed revision lists for students with suggested revision activities.


Stylus Diagnostic papers can act as a baseline assessment, or as a way of checking how well students have understood newly-taught material. The revision reports are ideal for use as follow-up homework or as part of intervention programmes, and for helping teachers or subject leads determine what to teach next. Papers can also be used as part of your evidence pack for Teacher Assessed Grades in 2021. 


Our exams can be taken at any time, and results will be with you within ten working days of completed answer sheets being returned. 

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  • For schools seeking formative assessment and feedback for larger groups or a whole cohort

  • Bespoke papers for English, Maths and Science, tailored to your curriculum coverage

  • Papers sent as PDFs or, for a small additional charge, printed and posted direct to school / students

  • Externally marked with light-touch feedback

  • Each student provided with a RAGed revision report 

  • School provided with a cohort-level performance summary