Revolutionary preparation for GCSE exams


Stylus Education offers a revolutionary way to prepare for GCSE exams: because nothing prepares you better than practice exam papers, we offer papers written just for you!

At Stylus Education we learn from all the work you complete, so each paper we send you is even more helpful than the last. We call this the LearnCycle. Each paper is uniquely compiled to suit your strengths and weaknesses.

Each time you complete a LearnCycle, qualified teachers mark your work and a detailed revision pack is available within hours. Then the next paper full of targetted questions is sent in the post.


Easy as that!

Who are you?

I'm a student or parent

For individual students revising independently, or home-schooled pupils learning over a longer period, this is our subscription for a single pupil.

Family discounts available.

I represent a school

For groups of pupils preparing for their exams in a school setting. This subscription is designed for cohorts, with some work led by a teacher.

A discount is available for Pupil Premium funding.

I tutor or employ tutors

For individual tutors with a number of tutees, or larger tutoring agencies, this subscription is built on a per pupil model which allows papers to be administered at scale.


Lower volume trials are available.

What schools say...

"Wish all our kids could do it"

David Hardwick

"Amazing system"

"The living revision list has allowed students to target their revision much more carefully. Do let me know when you launch this for A-Level as we would love to take part!"

"The feedback looks fabulous"

Harriet Hurdle

Teresa Hurst

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