Hi, we're Stylus Education

Nearly 20 years of experience in Educational Technology

We’re a team of teachers and educational-technologists, founded by Julie Kilcoyne, David Blake,  and Dominic Bristow, working to bring the experience we have working in schools to students and parents at home.

Across the team, our experience includes:

  • Hands-on experience of teaching in multiple subjects and across the 11-18 age group

  • School leadership

  • GCSE Examining for the leading examination boards

  • Founding and for 17 years leading Boardworks Ltd, the market leading secondary school digital content company

  • Founding and leading Doddle, the leading UK homework and formative assessment platform

  • Many other skills and experiences ranging from the relevant to enthusiastic guitar playing and cake-making!

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We're working on a number of projects and are always keen on collaborations with schools and practitioners.

We're particularly interested in practicing teachers either looking for some experience in the Educational Technology sector, or those interested in authoring quality assessment resources in their specialist subject.

If you'd like to get in touch, we'll

always be glad to hear from you.


We'll be in touch!

Exam question authoring - School data panel design - Algorithmic assessment curation - Revision optimising tools